REAL RAPTORS (Birds of Prey)

Sunday 4th March 2018, 10am-1pm

This workshop combines the photography of several species of birds of prey in both controlled lighting conditions and outdoors, ensuring amazing images and a real diversity of subject matter.  The workshop is suitable for all skill levels, including absolute beginners.  NO special equipment required - an entry level DSLR with kit lens will be fine.

All lighting equipment is supplied. 



Can I shoot in colour as well as black and white? 

Absolutely, your choice.


Is this workshop exclusively birds of prey? 



Can I shoot the birds flying as well as at rest? 

Yes, weather permitting.


All the birds used in this workshop are captive, and are cared for by experienced and dedicated expert owners.


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March 04, 2018 10:00 - 13:00 (GMT +00:00 UTC)

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North Tyneside